What is boomerang

Boomerang as a symbol. Usage of boomerang

A boomerang is an odd-shaped device – throwing stick, which is thrown across a distance to hit, maim or disarm a prey or an enemy and used by indigenous tribes all over the world. The ability to fly back to the thrower if target was not hit, made Australian aboriginal boomerangs famous.

A boomerang, as a symbol of return, is widely used in finance investment, TV, security, hospitality and other commercial sectors. Google search for a “boomerang” creates a long list of so-called boomerang objects that are not boomerangs: Boomerang Television Network, Boomerang song by JoJo Siwa, mini videos from Instagram, apps, email, books, etc. The actual Australian aboriginal boomerangs are somewhere on the second search page, representing power of symbol over object.

Boomerangs, those quaint oxbow-shaped flying objects of Australian fame, can be categorized by usage and type.

Hunting boomerangs. Normally, these boomerangs are made for speed since the prey is a moving target; accuracy as the target is at a good distance, and strength to injure or immobilize the prey. Boomerangs of this type should be heavier as weight adds to impact. They must be made of tensile material so as not to easily break due to usage. They can even have sharp edges as added feature to easily damage the prey.

Sports boomerangs. The modern day use of boomerangs is mainly for sports and international competition. Modern boomerang tournaments may include the following competition events: Aussie Round, Accuracy, Endurance, Fast Catch, Trick Catch / Doubling, Consecutive Catch, MTA 100 (Maximum Time Afloat).

Ceremonial boomerangs. In some regions of Australia the decorated pairs of boomerangs are used in traditional games, rituals, dances, as well as clappers to accompany music.