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Returning boomerangs, what are they used for these days?

The boomerangs are famous for their ability to return. Skills to manage boomerang flight is the subject of many exciting competitions, such as:
  • Aussie Round: The thrown boomerang should cross the 50 meter circle and return to the centre. Five attempts are given to each thrower and points are given for distance, accuracy, and how well the boomerang was caught by the thrower. Indeed, many believe this is the ultimate boomerang contest.
  • Accuracy: This competition requires the thrower not to touch the boomerang after the throw. The boomerang is allowed to drop in the circles and points are given to the most accurate throw. Each thrower has five attempts. There are two accuracy disciplines in major competitions: Accuracy 100 and Accuracy 50.
  • Endurance: In this competition, points are given to the number of catches the thrower makes every 5 minutes.
  • Fast Catch: This competition gives points to the fastest time a thrower can throw and catch boomerangs five times.
  • Trick Catch/Doubling: Points are given for trick catches. This is somewhat like an exhibition game.
  • Consecutive Catch: Points are awarded for the number of catches achieved before the boomerang is dropped. The event is not timed.
  • MTA 100 (Maximal Time Aloft, field size: 100 meters): Points are awarded for the length of time the boomerang hovers in the air. The field is normally a circle measuring 100 meters.

In all boomerang competition the minimum distance of throw should be 20 meters with the thrower standing in the center of concentric circles.

There are many other boomerang competitions essentially played just for fun.

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